Words, words, words ... Bits of mental flotsam and jetsam caught between the keyboard and the screen ...

I've been writing since I can remember - journals, stories, poems, essays - some of those works have found their way to this screen. Others are waiting for the chance to be revealed.

My writing wanders through a wide range of subjects - environmental, educational, political and travel. Political columns leading up to and in the early days of the Iraq War were picked up by several websites for re-publication.

I've been honored with a Gold Award from the National Resources Defense Council for a book I wrote, photographed and coproducer, called "Elements". In 2005, I was honored with a First Place among columnists by the California Newspaper Publishers Association. I also produce, edit and write for a non-profit journal, GC River Runners.

Commercial writing satisfies design clients' needs for websites and marketing brochures. PR writing spreads those words. I'm lucky to have great projects, a vivid imagination, and an insatiable appetite for adventure.

In the works - a memoir chronicling my life sandwiched between two crooks.

Every day a mystery. Every day a gift.

I also keep a blog on my explorations in Mexico : Baja Dreaming : http://www.bajadreaming.wordpress.com

Enjoy. CC


Latest Work

22 August 2008
"Happy 90th Birthday Lewie Wright!"

25 July 2008

"Swimming with Marine Life"

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